"It Rained Fish!"

Watercolor 15"×11".

Autumn is a favorite season for many people . I have many childhood memories that befall like waves in this season of melancholy, for I loved rainy days in the monsoon season in Seoul.

Once, I went out to play in the water puddles, to find a weird science-based phenomenon going on. I still remember it like yesterday... those skinny little fishes were falling from the sky in the rain and wind. I know there were restaurants where you cook them in tofu soup. I've never tried it. Called, "Mikuraji/미꾸라지" I think. Keeping my promise to my friends to paint rain. Here we go! Happy painting!

2015 - I was a featured artist in International Watercolor Artists - Book 2 - Handbook for Aspiring Artists and Art Lovers -

Edited by Coralee Burch - click here for more information.


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Hyon Fielding