Warm Spring View - Watercolor 20x28​​

​Indian Reservation, Madras

Dusk in the Canyon - Watercolor - 17x29

​Taos, New Mexico

Kinzua Winter- Watercolor 20x28

​​Smith Rock ll - Watercolor 22×30

Melody in the High Desert

Watercolor on Hot Press - 22×16

​Tumalo State Park, Oregon

Quiet Pond - Watercolor 20x28

Meadows in the Spring - Watercolor 20x28​​

​En Plein Air in Fossil/Butte Creek


Main Gallery - 1

Serenity Calls - Watercolor 18x24

​En Plein Air at Willamette Park,OR

Let's Be the Rock - Watercolor 14x20

​En Plein Air in Costa Rica

Skagway View- Watercolor 14x20


Pathway to The Shore-Watercolor, Vignette 14×10

Demo work at my workshop

John Day River -  Watercolor 14x20

​En Plein Air in Service Creek, my old place

Fishing buddies - Watercolor & Gouache

​En Plein Air in Costa Rica.  Inquire at Coos Art Museum R.S.. Gallery 

Redwood, CA - Watercolor - 14x20


​​​Island Dreamer- Watercolor 14x20

​Needle Island, San Blas in Panama