1974-1978 :  US Army sketch artist in Seoul, S. Korea

                    Created Bilingual maps of Seoul, in Chinese, English with Publishing Co.

1992 -1996 : Studied under Nationally or Internationally known master artists such as, Marilyn Simmandle,

                     Jan Kunz, William Arthur Herring, Tony Couch, Judy Hoiness, Carolyn Lord, Eric Weigardt,

                     through private lessons and workshops.

1996: Accepted into the juried membership to Watercolor Society of Oregon

1996 - 2000:  Wasn't painting to focus on raising children

2005 - 2011: Published in Korean Christian magazine, New Heaven New Earth

2006: WSO 41st Annual Aqueous Media Exhibition, Juror, Tony Couch

2007: WC Bluegrass Festival Rimrock AS Exhibition, People's Choice Award

2008: WSO 43rd Annual Aqueous Media Exhibition, Juror, Donna Zagota , People's Choice Award.

2010: WSO 45th Annual Aqueous Media Exhibition, Juror, Stephen Quiller, 

                   Juror's Award of Distinction and an Award of People's Choice

2010: National Watercolor Society 90th Anniversary Open Annual Exhibition

2010: WSO 45th Annual Transparent Watercolor Exhibition, Juror, Karen Vernon

2010: Published in Korean Daily Newspaper.

2011: One Person Exhibition with Oregon Paleo Lands Institute

2011: WSO 46th Annual Aqueous Media Exhibition, Juror, Betsy Dillard Stroud

2011: WSO 46th Annual Transparent Watercolor Exhibition, Juror, Ted Nuttal

2012: "Watercolors of Oregon".   4 Women Invitational Exhibition with Betty Gray Gallery in Sun River,

         Franklin Crossing in Bend,  Pronghorn in Powell Butte.

2012: Costa Rica Dominical/Uvita Art Festival, participated in Group Exhibition, En Plein Air Demonstration

2012: John Day Fossil Bed and Monument Program Artist in the Residence

2013: WSO 48th Annual Transparent Watercolor Exhibition, Juror, Linda Doll

2014: WSO 49th Annual Aqueous Media Exhibition, Juror, Robert Burridge

​2015: WSO 50th Annual Aqueous, Transparent both. 

Other publications and Honor: Cascade Arts & Entertainment, Costa Rica Newspaper,

                                                 South West Art Magazine,  Local Newspapers in visiting location

                                                 Korean Christian Book publication in "100 Christians",

​                                                 New Heaven New Earth Monthly magazine

2010 - Now: I have taught  many classes and workshops through Oregon Paleo Lands Institute, Watercolor Society of Oregon, Regional Art Guilds,  Public School Art Program, and Private lessons, and Celebrity Cruise Ship Art Classes.

"The only power that doesn't  corrupt is the power to make something lovely" 

  - Edgar Whitney -




I am a self taught artist with a great motivation of painting outdoor and study.  All my paintings are from both

studio, and plein air.  It doesn't matter of subject, my constant search is harmonious and dramatic shapes come across my daily life.  The idea of training my brush stroke is related to my early art training influence from

S. Korea where I was born and raised.  Now, I live in Oregon, USA where I get inspiration from the glowing light in the desert, sages and junipers. For some other months, I live and paint in Costa Rica where lush greens in jungle or colorful birds are calling me out.  Love chasing birds with a camera, too.

Crispy air in the sky with smell of ocean breeze, Or hawks roaming around the valley of wheat field, creation

of  Light in all things represent of my faith, and encourage me to paint.  I am a Christian artist, who continue seek what God brings me to worship Him, through my art which is His gift.  My place is to paint His beauty, Joy, peace and love for Christ

Jesus and His loving people.  This is my ultimate goal of what I do.

                  ABOUT  ME